Review Our Case Results

Orihuela Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients. Whether a client was wrongfully terminated, suffered sexual or racial harassment, retaliated against, not paid overtime wages, or seriously injured, we fight aggressively to obtain maximum recovery.

Below is a sample of some of our recent settlements and verdicts

SettlementCase RESULTS
$9,248,302Pedestrian and Auto Accident Involving Serious Spinal Injuries
$3,500,000Class Action for Unpaid Overtime
$3,000,000Class Action for Labor Code violations, including unpaid Overtime
$2,346,684Retaliation and Wrongful Termination for Complaining about Race Harassment
$2,232,152Disabled Employee Denied Reasonable Accommodation and Interactive Process
$1,556,321Class Action for Failure to Reimburse Mileage and Unpaid Overtime
$1,425,000Class Action for Unpaid Overtime
$998,535Racial Discrimination, Harassment and Wrongful Termination
$600,000Retaliation for Complaining about Race and Sexual Harassment
$575,000Disability Discrimination and Retaliation
$483,836Retaliation and Sexual Assault
$451,905Race and Sexual Harassment
$450,000Disability Discrimination
$378,384Sexual Harassment and Pregnancy Discrimination
$369,999Disabled Employee Denied Interactive Process
$320,273Pregnancy Discrimination
$303,250Disability Discrimination
$295,000Age and Disability Discrimination
$295,000Disability Discrimination
$275,000Multi-Plaintiff Unpaid Overtime and Wages
$275,000Retaliation and Wrongful Termination
$275,000Multi-Plaintiff Unpaid Overtime and Labor Code Violations
$250,000Serious Personal Injuries of Child Resulting in Partial Deafness
$250,000Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination
$250,000Disability Discrimination and  Failure to Accommodate
$237,500Retaliation for taking Family Medical Leave
$230,602Multi-Plaintiff Unpaid Overtime and other Labor Code Violations
$229,250Wrongful Termination and Discrimination due to Perceived Disability
$220,000Disability Discrimination
$217,150Serious Personal Injuries of a Child and Unfair Business Practices against Third-Party Insurance Carrier
$200,000Sexual Harassment and Constructive Discharge